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We work passionately every day to make our customers' lives easier and meet their needs. We don't just offer a service, we also offer trust and responsibility. We are here for you when you need us, because your satisfaction is our success. We exist to offer you a better tomorrow.


Planning is the foundation of success. Acting in a planned manner is the key to achieving goals.


A plan is made before the project starts, it is followed when it starts, and success is achieved during the implementation phase.


On-time delivery forms the basis of trust and loyalty. When you promise, delivering on time honors your promise.


The work we do reflects our vision. Our references are the epitome of trust. Past successes are the guarantee of future confidence.

    ANMAK Engineering Steel Structure Project Construction Design Manufacturing Industry and Trade Limited Company was established in 2011. Click to download the company presentation. […]

    It carries out the works related to the industrial facility or a unit of these facilities to be established or modified, and completes the general layout projects and detailed engineering activities of the facility. Click to download the presentation. […]

    Tanks, Steel Pipes etc. to be used in mines. It completes the manufacturing and assembly requests. Click to download the presentation. […]


ANMAK Engineering is an engineering and construction company known for its innovative approaches and quality service approach. We are committed to delivering excellent results to our customers and we work diligently to meet this commitment on every project.

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With our customer-oriented approach, we meet the needs of our customers by offering customized solutions. We ensure high quality and reliability at every stage, from project planning to design, from manufacturing to construction. We help our customers achieve the best results. As Anmak Engineering, we bring together quality, reliability and innovation in our projects. We aim to add value to our customers and share their success. Our experienced team is ready to achieve excellent results even in the most challenging projects.


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Turkish Mining Congress and Fair will be held in Ankara between 11-13 October 2023. We would be honored to welcome you at our stand.


  • Structural and mechanical works of the PHASE-III Optimization project carried out in 2015 and 2016 in Kışladağ Gold Mine Site were carried out by Anmak Mühendislik Çelik Proje İnşaat Tasarım Makine İmalat San. And Trade. Ltd. Ltd. Made by the company. 'Anmak Engineering Company, with whom we worked as our subcontractor throughout the project, showed a good performance and worked in harmony with our company, showed the necessary sensitivity in Occupational Health and Safety norms, and prioritized Occupational Health and Safety measures in all its works. It has demonstrated successful work by completing the projects safely and on time. We congratulate the company 'Anmak Mühendislik' for this successful work.

    Mitchell STICE
    Project Manager
  • I would like to thank you for your outstanding efforts and professionalism for the successful completion of MERSIN 2nd CEMENT MILL SEPARATOR ROTOR REPLACEMENT MAN HOUR work. We were extremely pleased with the care and meticulousness you showed during the temporary acceptance of the job. Full compliance with the contract conditions and complete work delivery reflect the high quality and reliability standards of ANMAK MÜHENDISLIK LTD.ŞTİ. We are grateful to your entire team who contributed to this success. The professionalism and reliability you showed during our cooperation make us hope to work with you in the future. ANMAK ENGINEERING LTD.COM. We thank the team for the successful results of this collaboration.

    Gökhan TÜTÜNCU
    ÇİMSA Maintenance Leader

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